This service is for NAPS M&W members only.

Seeds are now available at £1.00 per packet plus all postage costs.
In order to make the distribution as fair as possible, the Seed Scheme will
run in two phases.
The first phase will run until 23rd January. You may request a
maximum of 15 packets but not more than one packet of any individual
item. The second phase will begin on the 24th of January.If you purchase
seed in the first phase, you may still send in another order during the
second phase.
Some seed is very scarce and there may be only a single packet of certain
items. Please give alternative choices where you can.
We try to keep the list up-to-date and mark items which are sold out.
Do not keep the webpage open in your browser.
Re-open it whenever you wish to see the latest version of the list.
(Use page refresh if uncertain)

DO NOT SEND MONEY WITH YOUR ORDER. You will receive an invoice with your
seeds. You should then send your payment to the Treasurer. Details are
given on a note with your seeds.
There are several ways to place your order
Down load the word.docx form complete it save it and then attach it to an email
(always virus check downloads)
2022 order Form.docx Download
You can then either open it in a Word App (or save it and open it in a Word App),
complete it in a Word App, save it and then attach it to your email to

You may also print out the form Order and sent it by post to:
Lynn Guest, Clee View, Stoke Bliss, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire, WR15 8QH

If you do not have access to a Word App
You can also complete the order form in your web browser below,
save a copy of your completed form (use 'save page as webpage' from your browser menu).
Then send it as an email attachment to:

Alternatively you can fill in the order from below in your web browser and press send
which will open up an email with your order ready to send. Please ensure you send the email.
If you have problems, email a clear copy of your order with your name and address to:


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