SECTION 2 - ALPINE AURICULAS (Classes 23 to 28).
Class 23 Six Plants (at least 4 different varieties).
Class 23 1st J. Radford Andy Cole Click for Picture, Rivendell Click for Picture,
Divint Dunch Click for Picture, St. Elmo Click for Picture,
Arwen Click for Picture and Seedling 98/19 Click for Picture.
2nd T. Atkinson Janie Hill, Lisa, Bolero, Sandra, John Wayne and Seedling.
3rd G. Mander Ted Gibbs, Dilly Dilly(2), Spartan, Dill andPastiche.
Cambodunum, Metha, Howard Telford, Avril(3), Fandancer, Mick, Gary Pallister, Andy Cole, Hearts of Gold,
Good Report, Lee Sharpe, Pixie, Prince John, Sandwood Bay, Seedlings(2), Victoria de Wemyss, Bolero, Joy, Abundance and Argus.
Class 24 Four Plants (at least 3 different varieties).
1st J. Radford Avril Hunter Click for Picture, Langley Park Click for Picture,
Dilly Dilly Click for Picture and Pequad Click for Picture.
Class 24
2nd J. Eddington Avril(Premier) Click for Picture, Rodeo, Howard Telford and Milkmaid.
3rd J. Cattle St. Elmo, Bob Dingley, Janey Hill and Ted Gibbs.
Cambodunum, Avril, Elsie May, Jack Dean, Avril Hunter, Abundance, Ice Maiden, Howard Telford, Blue Eyes,
John Wayne, Just Stephen and Sandra.
Class 25 Three Plants (at least 2 different varieties).
Class 25 1st J. Eddington John Wayne Click for Picture, Seedling Click for Picture,
John Wayne Click for Picture.
2nd NO AWARD              
3rd J. Eddington Sirius and Seedlings(2).
Eyeopener, Avril(2), C. F. Hill, Argus, The Venetian,
Sirius(2), Jenny, Nickity and Seedlings(2).
Class 26 Two Plants (one gold and one light centre).
1st J. Radford Divint Dunch Click for Picture and Dilemma Click for Picture. Class 26
2nd NO AWARD              
3rd J. Hole Sandra and Bolero.
Sandra, Sandwood Bay, Snooty Fox, Adrian, Argus, Erica, Elsie May, Piers Telford, Ice Maiden and Toffee Crisp.
Class 27 Two Gold Centre (dissimilar).
Class 27 1st NO AWARD              
2nd M. Forster Ancient Society Click for Picture and
Bolero Click for Picture.
3rd H. Pratley Piers Telford and Nickity.
Bolero, Joy, Nickity and Joe Perks.
Class 28 Two Light Centre (dissimilar).
1st G. Mander Jeanie Telford Click for Picture. Andy Cole Click for Picture. Class 28
2nd J. Radford Cambodunum and Langley Park.
3rd J. Eddington Howard Telford and Sandra.
Sandra(3), Ice Maiden, Howard Telford, Avril,
Avril Hunter(2), Soncy Face, Adrian, Mark, Valerie, Lisa, Metha and Elsie May.

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