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Recently a few members have not received Society news and information which has been sent out by email. We know that in the past there have been odd instances where the mail client (usually Outlook) has put the emails into a folder which is labelled as Trash/Junk/Spam or Unwanted. It is not clear why this occurs with some emails and not with others. It might be worth looking at 'Spam Preferences' under 'Tools' in Outlook or your particular email program. E-Bulletins are sent out as emails to subscribers only. The recipient's name or email address is included on the Bcc (Blind carbon copy) line of the address. This prevents any individual subscriber from seeing the names or addresses of the others in the list. Unfortunately it also means that you may find a warning that 'This message comes from a mailing list' with the implication that it is potentially Spam. In order to ensure that the E-Bulletin gets through to those who wish to receive it Allan is compiling a new subscribers list and asks you to:

1. Check your Trash/Junk/Spam/Unwanted folder.
2. Send him an email saying 'Bulletin, please' if you would like to remain on the list.

This will also ensure that the E-Bulletin goes out only to members who wish to receive it. No reply from you will be taken as a request not to be included in the new list.

10th February 2023


Over the course of the pandemic, the Midland and West has run two series of Zoom sessions for members. The initial aim was to enable established growers to keep in contact while we were unable to hold shows. This soon led to a second group which was meant to replace the contact which new growers have with established figures at the shows, giving them the opportunity to find out about the plants, their history and and the experts' ways of growing them. The upshot of the sessions can be seen in prizes won on the showbench and the enthusiasm which these new members bring to the rest of the Society. With several of them now having collected the stipulated number of prizes on the showbenches, they are catapulted into the open classes alongside the very people who provided advice during the Zoom meetings.

We are planning to resume these get-togethers later this month. All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone with a built-in camera which will run the software downloadable from These meetings are not quite the same as a face-to-face chat but they can help members to put faces and voices to names they have seen in the Argus and to exchange ideas or ask questions. Members from the USA and New Zealand have taken part in the first series and we hope to see them again when we re- start. If you are a member of NAPS M&W and might be interested in taking part, email Allan at The sessions meetings are for members only and your membership is checked in advance.

* * *


It was good to see so many members both old and new at the Bentley Heath Hall where a good-humoured attendance were able to savour an enjoyable day. The morning speaker was Malcolm Wright who gave us a novel look at the plants shown at this years events. In the afternoon, Chris Gill let us into the secrets of producing some of those beautiful plants which he stages, Auricula, Gold-Laced Polyanthus and Old English Tulips. He also discussed in some detail his thoughts on possibilities for breeding future plants. It is refreshing to hear a top grower speak freely about their thoughts on this often very private topic.

Several new names were added to the committee at the AGM. John Green became the new Assistant Secretary, Sarah Millington volunteered (via her mum) for the Editor's post, while Ed Pickin and Peter Squire joined the squad. Other roles remain with their current incumbents. Two of the committee's meetings in the course of the year will be held via Zoom. This means that we can enjoy the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of members from a wide geographical area without any obligation on them to drive very long distances.

* * *


There was a small (but very knowledgeable) group at our venue in Romsley for the September meeting when the speaker was Ed Pickin who talked about plants which he considers the best across the showbenches. It was a valuable and very insightful evening. The next get-together is in November when the speaker will be Richard Spiers talking about 'Growing for Showing.' Given Richard's enthusiasm for many plants, this could be an entertaining evening.

- Updated on 6th of October 2022.


The 'Anomalous Primula' group includes all those primroses and polyanthus which vary from the usual forms. It includes Hose-in-Hose, Jackanapes, Galligaskins, Oak Leaf, Striped and numerous others, some forms dating back to Elizabethan times. Members who have attended our shows, particularly the Saltford Show will have seen the extensive range of modern plants of this type bred and exhibited by Dr Margaret Webster. Seeds from some of these plants are listed with illustrations in the current Seed List. Margaret is keen to form a group of growers who would like to breed more new varieties, rather than just growing the existing ones. It is not possible to offer plants. You will need either to use varieties which you already have in your collection or to grow plants from seed. If you would be interested in joining such a group, please contact Allan at:

Posted 23rd January 2022

The 2023 Membership
can now be paid

The Membership renewals at the level of £15 for all membership types can now be paid through the website.

The increase to the membership fee was agreed at the 2018 AGM to come into effect for 2020.

If you choose to pay through paypal there is a £1.50 charge to cover paypal expenses. Please ensure to pick the most appropriate membership type for you, as it helps the Society gauge membership numbers more accurately.

Posted 30th of September 2021

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