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Announcing new additions to website uploaded on 4th January 2018


The 2018 Seed List is now OPEN

Each year thousands of the seeds from well over a hundred crosses are donated to form our Seed List. They introduce members to the joys of raising primulas and new varieties of auricula and sustain and promote interest in these special plants. From the donors viewpoint the seeds seem to just disappear into oblivion and are rarely heard of again. Some seed I imagine inevitably falls on stoney ground but most I trust are successfully grow at least to first flowering with a few quality seedlings selected and kept possibly for display, showing or future breeding. Some feedback received from the 2017 Seed Distribution told of a member who had ten packets of seed and ended up with five hundred strong seedling plants and a need for a new frame to house them all! Some varieties (including Barbican, Fairy Light and Night and Day) seem to be highly fertile and produce a lot of seed with often excellent germination.

On the subject of feedback, what a pleasant surprise to meet a Russian lady, at the Knowle Auricula Show, who had gone to considerable lenghts to seek me out and let me know that she had been growing my seeds for a number of years in the pursuit of recreating the auricula collection of Catherine the Great at the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. I wish her continued success. Also at Knowle it was good to see that a seedling raised from one of my fancy crosses and shown by a beginner had won Best Overall Seedling.

There are a few changes to the website, for or coincedent with uploading the 2018 Seed List, that have been principally introduced for the benefit of our overseas members who get involved in currency conversions. The main change is the addition of a Paypal button for paying a year's subscription located at the bottom of the Membership page. The order form has been simplified by removing the column for requesting multiple packets of a cross. If you really want a couple of packets of seed from the same cross try listing the Reference Number twice.

Henry Pugh

Posted 18th December 2017


Seed List Donations

If anyone has any further seeds to add to what has already been received, please send them to me before the end of November.

Our address is in the current edition of the Argus and on the 2017 Seed List.

Keep an eye open for the 2018 List. It will be published as soon as possible after the end of November.

Seeds will be sent out in the new year.

Thank you,

Posted 27th October 2017

The Show Pictures for the 2017 Knowle Shows have been uploaded to the website.

Yet another particularly difficult year for the exhibitor.
Congratulations to those growers who succeeded on the showbench this year.

The show pictures can be found via the INDEX TO ALL ILLUSTRATED SHOWS near the bottom of the Site Map on the Home page.

Posted 26th October 2017


As the seed pods ripen, I would ask all members to bear in mind the Seed List which gives other members a chance of raising new plants. Initial impressions are that the amount of seed available may be smaller this year.

If you have seeds which you could donate – of any type – please put them into a small envelope and write on the front the name of the plant from which they were collected and (if you know it) the name of the pollen parent. If the pollen parent is unknown, just write O.P. (open-pollinated). Removing the chaff from the seed helps, but ALL seed is welcome. Place your smaller envelope(s) into a larger envelope with a note giving your name, address and email address for us to acknowledge receipt.

Have a look at last year’s list through the link on the Homepage on the website. The address to send your seeds to is there. The small amount left after the last List closed has been made available to members via the Secretary throughout the year.

It takes some time to prepare the Seed List, so please send your contributions as soon as possible. I would like to start sending out orders in early January.

Lynn Guest

Posted 27th July 2017

for 2016 onwards
A revised Exhibitors' Handbook is now available to view prior to its planned distribution to members with the Society Newsletter.

The revised handbook contains only the Rules, Standards and Guidelines for the Knowle and Saltford shows.

The main changes are that
      - three pip plants are allowed in Edged Show Auricula single pot classes
      - three trusses are required for Border Seedling classes and five trusses for other Border classes
      - Gold Laced Polyanthus no longer need to have their immature pips removed
      - all pots must be round and terracotta in colour
      - exhibitors can show in the Beginners classes provided that they have not won five or more first prizes at NAPS shows in preceding calendar years.
Otherwise the revision is for clarity and accuracy. Read the parts of interest to you and be up-to-date.
Many thanks to Allan Guest and his helpers for all their hard work and expertise.

The Show Schedules and directions to venues for the Knowle, Saltford and Romsley shows have not changed and are available on the Information For Exhibitors web pages.

Posted 10th February 2016

Show Organisation

Deputies are required on show days for Catherine Parsons and Lynn Guest who run the Show Desk.

Please contact Neil Tyers if you are interested in helping.

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