The show is open to members of the National Auricula and Primula Society.
Show, Alpine, Double, Fancy and Striped Auricula entries must not have less than 5 expanded pips except for Single Show Auriculas where 3 is the minimum.
Only one truss will be judged on each plant; others must be tied down or removed. Gold-Laced Polyanthus are judged on a single truss, unless in a multi-stem class where plants are judged for effect.
All other Primulas (including Border Auriculas) are judged for effect. Difficulty in cultivation may be taken into account with the rarer Primulas. Neat stakes may be used to support stems in the Show, Alpine, Double, Striped and Fancy Auricula classes only. All packing between pips must be removed before judging.
All exhibits must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for a minimum of three months prior to the show, and must be legibly named on a card carrying the exhibitor's name.
Any number of entries my be submitted in each class.
Beginners' classes are open to anyone who has not won more than three first prizes at NAPS Shows.
Plants in seedling classes must not have won at any previous NAPS show.
The decision of the judges is final. They may withhold awards in any class but can give the Award of Merit to any plant considered worthy, seedling or named variety.
The Show Superintendent must be contacted if extra space is needed.
Exibitors are not allowed to move other competitors' pots nor remove plants prior to the end of the show.
A Premier Card or Medal may be awarded to each Section and a Best in Show Card will be awarded to the Best Plant in Show.