The GALLERIES have not been updated for a while and are due a major update. In the mean time technology continues to advance and screen sizes have grown. So I am taking this opportunity to increase the sizes of the thumbnails and the pictures for new additions. Eventually the small pictures will go but in the mean time they are being kept because not everyone has a large screen and Broadband.
The Primula pictures are next in line for attention with the latest additions being to
European Primulas that are now organised into separate pages for
European Species and European Hybrids.
These pages do not include Primroses and Polyanthus that have their own separate page.
Less recent additions have been to Self auriculas, Double auriculas,
Alpine auriculas, Edged auriculas, Fancy auriculas and Striped auriculas.

The new additions are easily recognised by the size of the new thumbnail.

Below is just a sample of the latest new additions. Click on a small picture to view a large picture.
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Lindum Whisper Marginata
Beatrice Lascaris
Seedling Allionii
Crusader Marginata
Holden Clough Allionii
Mrs. Dyas
Primula x
Lindum Angelic Primula x
Hetty Wainthropp Primula x
Broadwell Milkmaid Primula x
Lindum Creation Primula x
Lindum Hobbit
Scorcher Piccadilly Angel Islington Twiggy Strawberry Fields
Daisy Wood Fred Booley Prima Joanne Samantha
Avril Hunter Blythe Spirit Highland Park Ring of Fire Ian Greville
Grey Hawk Prague Sea Peep Prosperine Warwick
Aldgate East Amber Gold Cloud Nine Ealing Broadway Embankment
Bow Church Barking Derek's Demise Latimer Road Euston Square
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