The great majority of these photographs are seedlings from crosses done in 2012, seed sown in 2013 and the first flowering in 2014. One thousand seedlings were pricked out and about 90% flowered in Spring 2014 despite a traumatic Winter with gales and rain spilling hundreds of the plants out of their pots - twice!

Seven of the plants shown are flowering for a second or third time from sowings done in 2011. These are The Chef, Warp Speed, Weepie, My Sweetie, Grey Perfection, Saltire and Thomas Fairchild II. These plants have joined the main adult collection.

The remaining 46 seedlings, flowering for the first time in Spring 2014, are the only survivors from the 1000 pricked out and will be given a second chamce before a pass/fail decision is made. At least 11 are considered substandard and will almost certainly be rejected (Calamity, Growler, Scotch Mist, Early Bath, All Alone, Question Mark, Swan Song, Pilgrim, Kismet, New Trick and Dites Moi).

At this stage only 19 of the seedlings look to have some promise but need some improvement (Riddle, Twerker, John Bartram, Role Model, Point of Order, Pole Position, Soulmate, Piccalilli, Devil Woman, Iceman, The Sculptor, The Old Block, My Fair Lady, Scotch Bonnet, Utopian, I Feel Pretty, Slate, Slam Dunk, and Chocolate Lips).

The names of the 2014 seedlings are provisional 'greenhouse' names and may be changed before the plants are finally accepted.

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