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Auriculas Through The Ages
Bear's Ears, Ricklers and Painted Ladies
By Patricia Cleveland-Peck 2011, illustrated by Elisabeth Dowle, The Crowood Press Ltd, Hardback 184 pages with many quality colour illustrations, 19.95.
A comprehensive and readable discription of the history of the auricula from an alpine hybrid to the refined florists' flower of today with an appendix on some current auricula enthusiasts. The book has a host of superbly beautiful illustrations that capture the essence and variety of this unique plant.

The Auricula
History, Cultivation and Varieties.
By Allen Guest 2009, Garden Art Press, Hardback 200 pages, many colour photographs, 19.95.
This delightful book presents the history and development of the Auricula to both the casual reader and enthusiast. It sets out both traditional and more recent methods of cultivation, how to exhibit the plants, how they are judged, breeding new varieties and how to deal with pests and diseases. More than 200 varieties both old and new are discussed in some detail and numerous coloured illustrations are included. In writing the book, Allan Guest has drawn on over thirty years experience of growing, showing, breeding and judging the plants. Having known and exchanged views with many of the leading personalities of the time, he is able to provide insights into both plants and breeders. He currently sits on the committees of both the Midlands and West and the Northern Sections of the National Auricula and Primula Society.

By Gwen Baker & Peter Ward 1995, B.T.Batsford Ltd, Hardback 160 pages, 60 colour photographs, 12 black & white drawings, 18.99.
"It fully justifies the Batsford claim that it is the definitive auricula book", The COTTAGE GARDENER.
Out of print

An illustrated guide

Compiled by Malcolm Guest, BCS Marmal Publications. PO Box 7718, Halesowen, B62 8RF, UK. A5 size, 48 pages on high quality glossy paper.
Basically a compilation of 456 single pip colour photographs. Produced in support of the Myeloma Foundation. The author has since died from this incurable disease. Available only from BCS at address above, 8.45 (inc postage UK) Overseas postage extra.

Their Care and Cultivation
Brenda Hyatt
1989, Cassell, 96 pages, 80 coloured photographs. Originally hardback, paperback still available, 14.99.
This book, from the late Mrs Hyatt, a commercial grower, is aimed at absolute beginners.

Auriculas for Everyone
How to Grow and Show Perfect Plants

Mary Robinson 2000, Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.
Mrs Robinson sadly died prior to publication. 250 colour photos, over 500 varieties described. A typical commercial growers production. Approx. 15.

Primroses & Auriculas
Peter Ward 2003, Cassell Illustrated, Octopus Publishing Company, Softback 95 pages, 7.99.
Packed full of useful information for amateur or experienced growers, this handbook is well illustrated with approximately 50 colour photographs and some quality line drawings.

Primroses & Polyanthus
Peter Ward
1997, B.T.Batsford Ltd, Hardback 180 pages, 64 colour photographs, 9 black & white drawings, 25.
A complete coverage of all the different types including species, doubles, anomalous, commercial primroses, gold-laced and garden polyanthus. Also has chapters on Barnhaven, cultivation, hybridizing and pests and diseases. "This is a classic Batsford book and every keen Primula grower must have a copy". Howard Drury, BIRMINGHAM SUNDAY MERCURY.

Primulas of Europe & America
Smith, Burrow & Lowe
1984, Alpine Garden Society, 251 pages.
A major work and a must for the dedicated primula grower. May still be obtainable from the AGS, 19.50.

John Richards
. First published 1993 at 35 B.T.Batsford, 300 large format pages (hardback).
New edition published 2002 at 30 with 46 extra large format pages (hardback).
The definitive modern work on species primula brought up-to-date. An essential beautifully illustrated reference work for the dedicated primula enthusiast.

Primulas The Complete Guide
Mary Robinson
1990, Crowood Press, 271 pages, hardback & softback. 35 colour photographs and numerous line drawings. 15.95 & 12.99 respectively.
A good general book on primulas with over 200 species and 500 named varieties covered. Particularly good on European species and hybrids.
Out of print

Primulas of the British Isles
John Richards
1989, Shire Publications, 24 pages, card covers.
Excellent, packed with information. Possibly still obtainable, 1.95.

Florists' Flowers & Societies
Ruth Duthie
1988, Shire Garden History, 96 pages, card covers.
A unique little book full of information on the old florists' flowers and societies.
Out of print

The above books are either the most recent or are mostly still available.

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